A special thanks to ICF's newest partners, Salt Block Kitchen.  They hosted 6 guests on February 12th to learn more about sustainable food and donate to ICF. The class is taught by the founder, Jayme O'Connell, who lives in Chicago. Jayme hosts Cooking for Causes workshops and selects a non-profit for her participants to donate to each month during a cooking workshops. Guests made venison queso, venison carpaccio, venison ragu, and a venison loin with a black currant sauce. As a group they donated $550 to the Foundation. The mission of Salt Block Kitchen is to help people connect with their food, and support the sustainable food ecosystem.  They were thrilled to be able to raise money to support ICF.   This represents the best of community, education, conservation, and giving back.  Thanks again Jayme for selecting the ICF!!


                          2017 IDNR/ICF Director's Hunt
                             November 21 & 22, 2017
                                Location to be Named

The November 21 hunt will be a "Two box hunt" competition.  Each team will be given two boxes of shells and will be scored on the birds and the shells they bring back.  A guide, dogs, and twenty quail and twelve pheasants will be placed in each field!  Winners will be announced at the evening banquet.

Stick around on November 22 to hunt from 9:00 to Noon at your leisure.  Guides and dogs will remain available and more birds will be placed in each field.

*** Space is extremely limited.  EARLY BIRD DRAWING -  Register by October 13th to be entered into a drawing to win a firearm!  Registration deadline is November 10.


     SILVER STAR-$5,000                    BRONZE STAR-$2,500
-  Two Teams                                              - One Team
-  Two Boxes of shells/team                        - Two Boxes of shells/team
-  Recognition online & in the Program        - Recognition online & Program

-  Two tables-Evening Banquet                    - One Table-Evening Banquet
-  Lunch, lodging & breakfast                      - Lunch, lodging & breakfast
-  2 rooms per team                                    - 2 rooms per team      


Individual Ticket - $350               Team of Four - $1,250
Price includes two guided hunts, two boxes of shells, lodging (up to 4 rooms), and three meals.

Banquet Only Ticket - Couple - $75    Individual - $50

Be sociable: like us! Be sociable: like us!


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