1971 Graduate, Magna Cum Laude, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, St. Mary's College of Notre Dame

Current Employment/Career Information:
Wife, Mother of 3; housewife

Conservation/Natural Resources Activities & Interests:
The Signal Hill Neighborhood Association of which I am president, has been actively involved in raising money to buy land along the bluffs paralleling Hwy. 157 in Southern Illinois. We are very concerned that these pristine forests will be lost in the name of progress. Thus far, we have purchased approximately 4 acres within our neighborhood boundaries and several more acres abutting the area.

My greatest interests are establishing mini parks within neighborhoods, creating hiking/biking trails that connect communities and convincing the state highway department to consider incorporating biking trails along existing highway routes.

Civic Activities, Hobbies and other interests you would like to share:
President of the Signal Hill Neighborhood Association past 8 years; board member for 10 years; work with local civic group in the city of Belleville called Proud Partners. At first this group dealt primarily with beautification projects. However, last year we wrote and published two handbooks concerning the establishment, usefulness and goals of neighborhood associations which are used by groups wishing to organize just such organizations; past treasurer of a civic group known as Racial Harmony, which fosters understanding among the races through various activities; organizer and member of a newly formed community group called The West Belleville Partnership. It=s purpose is to pull residential and business leaders of West Belleville together to identify specific problems within its boundaries and find creative long term solutions to those problems; Chairman of the Annual Signal Hill Labor Day Bicycle Race, a day of amateur and professional racing throughout the Signal Hill neighborhood. It is run in conjunction with The Gateway Cup Bicycle Race Series, which is three days of racing on Labor Day weekend where over 200 cyclists compete for an overall prize purse exceeding $10,000. The purpose of this weekend of racing is to promote bicycling and bicycle safety and introduce bicycling to people as the family sport it really is.

I enjoy Old World War II movies, any and all art museums, and fast moving novels.


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