Pollinator Garden

Thanks to the Wildlife Preservation Fund grant, and $2,500 allocated in a $10,000 grant from Monsanto, the Illinois Conservation Foundation has created a 1,670 square foot pollinator garden at the Illinois Conservation Foundation's (ICF) Torstenson Youth Conservation Education Center (TYCEC) near Pecatonica in Winnebago County. This pollinator garden will complement a 3-acre pollinator field planted in 2013 in conjunction with the Pheasants Forever National Mentor Convention held at the Center. 

The demonstration pollinator gardens are available for school groups to observe and inventory insects, and the Learning Center has butterfly nets, identification books, binoculars and insectaria (insect houses) available to assist educators in planning their lessons. School visitors, as well as youth group members and the general public, can learn how to create a native pollinator garden, and recognize the importance of selecting native species over introduced, exotic plants that may become problematic in the future.


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