Principal officer of Painters District Council No. 30, a labor union representing finishing industry craftspersons (painters, wall-coverers, drywall finishers, and glaziers) within a 32-county jurisdiction within north-central Illinois.  Responsible for the direction and supervision of all Council staff and deployment of resources necessary for the proper operations of the Council; develop and implement a strategic plan and framework to advance the organization's mission and vision; oversee and/or render proper delegation of authority over all aspects of the Council's implementation of policies, procedures, programs, and initiatives; serve as a trustee to all trust funds in which PDC 30 members participate and appoint all Labor trustees to such funds; function as the principal point of contact for the Council in executing contractual relationships with professional advisers, attorneys, consultants, and other service providers; represent the Council as the chief spokesperson and chair of the Council's negotiation committees for all collective bargaining; coordinate the dissemination of Council information to members, signatory contractors, affiliated organizations, and the public; and guarantee the Council's adherence to policies and implementation of programmatic initiatives of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.


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